Spice & Herbs


Spice Products Company provides quality spice, herbs, and seasonings for the commercial food industry. We source our spices from over 45 countries and develop close relationships with trusted vendors. We work with local government organizations, International NGOs and many origin stakeholders and growers to establish sustainable farming practices – such as minimal use of pesticides and techniques that support biodiversity

All our spices go through an intensive cleaning process to remove harmful foreign matters and adulterants. All of our spices are treated using approved treatment methods.  We also use a natural and validated steam-based sterilization process. The controlled processes ensure effective microbial reduction and pathogenic eradication while protecting natural flavor properties like enzymes, antioxidants, and volatile oils.

We are able to offer products along the following categories:

•  Spices

•  Herbs

•  Capsicums

•  Onion and Garlic

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